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To my greatest enemy and my best friend- my elder sister

Maybe not all of you who are reading this have siblings, and that’s totally fine. To the ones who do, you might just be able to identify with this a tad bit better. This is my first ever blog and I sincerely hope I will be able to make someone’s bad day better by means of this blog.

To begin, I address this to my dearest sister. Sister, you are my ray of hope and sunshine. Of course,you also used to fight with me every single day while you were here with me. Fighting over the silliest of things was our favourite way to bond and that brought us closer. I have to admit, the part I miss most is certainly those petty fights; over the remote, over who got the larger portion of Maggi, over whose turn it is to use the computer, and over a million other such trivial issues. You not just bossed me around, but enjoyed it quite a lot. You were mean to me at times too, but after I complained to mom, I usually got my way because “I’m the younger one.”

But apart from all this, you have also been my biggest support system. You cheered me up in times when I felt like I could hardly smile. You loved me unconditionally, no matter how many times I blabbed about you to mom or despite the fact that I often let you down. You protected me from the world, yet you gave me the liberty to be myself and express myself in my most original form. You taught me how to be a better person, and I look up to you as an idol. You’re an angel, disguised as my sister.

I miss you, my dear sister. I felt as if a major part of me changed the minute you left for studies abroad. I’ve grown up a lot mentally since you’ve been away(just the way you always asked me to 🙂 ) I love you.

PS- Don’t think you’re great or anything, just because I wrote all this. I’m waiting for you to come back, which is when I get payback for you leaving me here all alone.